Student Discount Cards

Student Discount Plans 

  • Students Discount plans give you 125,000 Offers in over 2,300 U.S. Locations and 45,000 Offers Worldwide!
  • Students,Youth, Teacher or Professor can enjoy fantastic discounts and services at home and around the world.
  • Every year, more than 5 million students from 133 countries use their student card to take advantage of offers.
  • Advantage of offers on Travel, Shopping, Accommodation, Food, Entertainment, Transport and Insurance
  • Students traveling: when you have signed up for your Discount Plan you will automatically start saving on your flights, accommodation, transport, museums, historical sites, retail outlets, entertainment and lots more.
  • Everything for only $ 20.00

What is ISIC Student Discount Card?

The ISIC Card is the only internationally-recognised student ID giving you access to exclusive discounts! Get your card and start enjoying excellent benefits.

Are you a Student?

Great! You qualify to get your International Student Identity Card!

Who can get an ISIC Card?

If you are a full-time student at a school, college or university, age 13 or over, you can apply for a student card with ISIC. It’s an easy process. In no time, you’ll be enjoying thousands of discounts and benefits at home and away. As a general guideline, students must be enrolled for the current academic year at an accredited institution and matriculating towards a diploma or degree. A full-time student means at least 12 hours of study a week, for a minimum of 12 weeks a year.

Which documents do I need to get an ISIC Card?

The ISIC card is only available for full-time students. You will need to provide proof of identity (valid driver’s license, state issued ID or valid passport), and one of the following documents:

  • A document that proves that you are currently studying full time at a recognized school, college or university (Course Schedule or Tuition Receipt)
  • Or a copy of your university or student ID, which is dated and clearly indicates you are currently a full-time student
  • If you purchase a card online, you will receive an email asking you to upload these documents.

I’m not a student any more – is there a card for me?

Teachers: If you’ve left your student years behind you and now work full-time,  working more than  15 hours per week,  as a teacher or professor, the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC) also gives you great discounts and services.

Youth: Anyone between the age of 13 and 30 years old can get an International Youth Travel Card (IYTC).

When you are traveling with your ISIC Card you will be able to experience more and visit new places you would never thought of. ISIC ensures its partners give our cardholders an invaluable experience while they are on their journey around the U.S. or in another country.

More importantly, once you have signed up for an ISIC card you will automatically start saving on your flights, accommodation, transport, museums, historical sites, retail outlets, entertainment and lots more. With your ISIC card in hand, you will be able to stay longer and travel further. Please use our discount finder map to check out the local and global discounts before and while you are traveling.


Start enjoying all these Benefits for only $ 20!!!

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only internationally recognized student ID card. Since its launch in 1953, the ISIC card has helped over 40 million students to get the most out of their student experience. Endorsed by UNESCO.